Finance Options

Contract Hire Personal Contract Hire Finance Lease Lease or Hire Purchase Cash Purchase
VAT recoverable on monthly rentals 3 3
Accurate monthly budgeting      
Improved cash flow        
Minimum capital expenditure        
Fixed interest rate        
Capital allowances available      
Rental allowable against taxable income  
Ownership of vehicle 1 1  
VAT chargeable on rental  
VAT recovered on purchase cost by funding company and passed on to customer in lower rental    
No depreciation risks    
No vehicle disposal problems    
Road fund licence provided   4 4 4
Breakdown rescue cover   5 5 5
Fixed charge maintenance 2   2
Optional GAP insurance        
Optional RTI Insurance    

1. At the end of contract with financing products. 2. Optional. 3. Only 50% of the VAT relating to the finance element is recoverable if private use. 100% of the service element VAT (on contract hire only) is recoverable if business use. 4. Road fund licence is provided for the first year only. 5. Manufacturer only.

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